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Through her entertainment law practice negotiating contracts for musicians and artists, Honolulu attorney Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara became aware of the need for artists, entertainers, and inventors nationwide to have access to a less costly alternative to resolving intellectual property disputes.

Resolving copyright, trademark, and patent disputes in court is a costly and time-consuming process, and the results are far from certain. In many instances, it may be more effective to try an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation.

Contact RESOLUTION THROUGH MEDIATION to speak with a skilled and experienced intellectual property mediator about your legal dispute or creative conflict anywhere in the United States. Learn more about how mediation can help you find the kind of creative solution that you and your work deserve.

The Benefits of Mediation in Intellectual Property Disputes

Confidentiality: For artists and entertainers who want to keep their disputes out of the spotlight, the confidentiality offered by intellectual property mediation can be one of its strongest selling points. The results of mediation are private, known only by the two parties, and the mediation itself occurs in a controlled, protected environment-not in open court.

Timeliness: It can take years for an intellectual property lawsuit to wind its way through the courts. Mediation of an intellectual property dispute over infringement of music, video, imagery, or a patent has the potential to be completed in a day.

Cost-Effectiveness: It is important to take action on any violation of your intellectual property rights, but it may not be cost-effective to take every case to court. Mediation is a far less costly solution.

Fairness: Some conflicts do not have standing in court, but that does not mean that it is not causing significant problems for your business or creative partnerships, or in your life. If the parties are willing to engage in mediated discussion, a wide range of conflicts can be addressed.

Results: Mediation can be both an effective and cost-effective way to handle intellectual property disputes, patent violations, copyright violations, licensing disputes, and leasing disputes. Not only can it result in a significant financial settlement-without expensive attorneys fees- it also allows the parties to negotiate a license for continuing to use the work or to enjoin an offender from using the work if they won't buy a license.

About Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara

Ms. Fujiwara, founder and principal of RESOLUTION THROUGH MEDIATION, is a trained and experienced mediator as well as a lawyer, with knowledge of entertainment law and intellectual property rights. She has been a certified mediator since 2004 and a qualified arbitrator since 1992, and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus on counseling and community development.

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