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"From the first date Ms. Fujiwara started working at the EEOC, she was crucial in assisting our Enforcement unit....Ms. Fujiwara knows how to evaluate the real issues at hand. She knows how to calculate reasonable monetary and non-monetary damages.

"Most of all, she knows how to bring the parties involved to the table so that a settlement can be negotiated, which is ultimately in their best interest. I witnessed her do this countless times.

"There is no one better. I cannot recommend a more qualified mediator."

-Todd Chavez, Senior Investigator, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

A skilled and experienced mediator and neutral fact-finder in employment, civil rights, and labor issues, Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara mediates for people across the United States who have suffered financial and non-financial injury due to:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sex discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Race discrimination or harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • National origin or ethnicity discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Breach of employment contracts
  • Wrongful termination
  • Public policy violations, including whistleblower cases
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination or harassment

Ms. Fujiwara founded her own law firm concentrating in employment law and intellectual property in 1986. As a former Senior Trial Attorney with the EEOC for Hawaii and the Pacific Basin, a certified mediator since 2004, and a qualified arbitrator since 1992, Ms. Fujiwara has participated in hundreds of mediations regarding employment law and discrimination since the early 90s. Contact her Honolulu mediation firm for an initial consultation regarding her services as a mediator or neutral fact finder anywhere in the U.S.

Ms. Fujiwara is very conversant in the concerns of both plaintiffs and defendants, and both employers and employees, in employment law cases. In her article, "Cause of Action for Post-Ellerth/Faragher Title VII Employment Sexual Harassment Claims" (with Joyce M. Brown): 27 COA2d 1 (2005), Ms. Fujiwara describes how both plaintiffs' and defendants' litigators can interpret the law and argue their sexual harassment cases.

Learn more about how your employment law or labor law dispute can benefit from the help of a neutral third-party fact finder or mediator: RESOLUTION THROUGH MEDIATION.

The Benefits of Mediation in Employment Law Disputes

Early Intervention: Mediation can be used to resolve problems before they reach the stage of litigation.

Confidentiality: Mediation is beneficial when the parties are disputing a sensitive issue and want their privacy protected. The results of mediation are private, known only by the two parties, and mediation occurs in a controlled, protected environment-not in open court.

Timeliness: An employment law or labor law dispute can easily take two to seven years to wind its way through the courts. Mediation of an employment discrimination or employment contract dispute has the potential to be completed in a day. For people who have been dealing with conflict for a long time, employment mediation can provide great relief.

Results: Effective mediation of employment law disputes has the potential to provide what the courtroom cannot: recognition of the injury and a chance for healing to begin. Effective employment dispute mediation offers the injured person an opportunity to truly be heard and understood. The injured person also stands a greater chance of getting more in a financial settlement: after all, money hasn't been spent on lawyers and taking a case through years in court.

Consultation, Evaluation, and Neutral Fact-Finding Services

Mediator Fujiwara is available for consultation anywhere in the United States on mediation, settlement negotiation, neutral fact-finding, or legal guidance on ways to prevent litigation in employment settings, in labor issues, and in sexual harassment issues.

As a neutral fact finder, Ms. Fujiwara can be brought in to give an advisory opinion where differences in factual interpretation have the effect of obstructing settlement negotiations. She can use information currently available, information supplied by the parties, and even original research. Her advisory opinion can be undertaken voluntarily by the parties in an attempt to clarify data as a basis for further settlement discussion, or it can be ordered by the court as part of the narrowing of the issues for either settlement or litigation.

Where entered into voluntarily and on a nonbinding basis, this mechanism offers extreme flexibility and a low-risk evaluation of the facts. In litigation, the opinion of an expert during trial will often guide the court to its decision.

Neutral fact-finding accelerates the dispute resolution process while lowering the risk associated with traditional litigation and controlling process costs. Even if there is no resolution as a result of retaining a neutral fact finder, the process narrows the issues for trial and better informs the parties of the risks in their respective positions.

This process assumes the neutral fact finder is a highly qualified expert in the field. Obtaining such a person can be the biggest challenge to parties using this process, or to a court wishing to appoint such a fact finder.

Qualified Expert Witness Services

Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara has been qualified as an expert in a state trial court on the subject of sex discrimination, with emphases on sexual harassment and investigations. For an example of her work product as a qualified expert witness see her most recent legal article on sexual harassment litigation, "Cause of Action for Post-Ellerth/Faragher Title VII Employment Sexual Harassment Claims" (with Joyce M. Brown): 27 COA2d 1 (2005).

In 1993 a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article titled "City's New Harassment Law Stirs Action" by Pat Odmandam, Ms. Fujiwara is again highlighted as a very qualified expert in sexual harassment cases.

Ms. Fujiwara is also available to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each party's case prior to litigation, arbitration, or mediation and to give a professional opinion on why a party may wish to settle rather than pursue a case.

About Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara

Ms. Fujiwara is a trained and experienced mediator who is especially effective with hostile and litigious parties because of her two decades of trial experience as a lawyer handling employment law, discrimination, civil rights, and labor law cases.

Ms. Fujiwara was the senior trial attorney for the EEOC in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. She is the founder and was president of the National Employment Lawyers Association of Hawaii from 1993 to 1996. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus in counseling and community development.

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Employment law, personal injury, and intellectual property mediator Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara is an attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii. She is also a neutral fact-finder in employment law matters.