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Arbitration Services from a Qualified Neutral

ArbitrationAt the office of RESOLUTION THROUGH MEDIATION, individuals are provided with professional representation for alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation and arbitration. Acting as the mediator or arbitrator in these cases is experienced neutral Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara. A qualified arbitrator since 1989 and a certified mediator since 2004, Ms. Fujiwara is also an experienced attorney.

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ms. Fujiwara's practice is focused on mediating and arbitrating cases . She represents clients with a variety of cases, including:

What is Arbitration?

Much like mediation, arbitration is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that takes place out-of-court. In arbitration, both sides present their case to the neutral arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators). The arbitrators listen, like a judge, and then render a decision in the case.

How does Arbitration Differ from Mediation?

In Mediation, the parties work a neutral mediator to arrive at a mutually agreed upon solution. In arbitration, the parties present their arguments to the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. The arguments for both sides are usually made by attorneys, but the rules of evidence differ from those found in a courtroom. The decision by the arbitrators is legally binding and final, and except in cases of actual fraud, without possibility of an appeal.

Cost-Effective, Efficient and Final

Once the decision is entered in the arbitration, the matter is settled. The limited availability of an appeal ensures finality in the decision will not require months or years. Another advantage of arbitration is avoiding crowded court dockets; this means your case can be heard much sooner than traditional litigation. Because the decision for you case occurs more quickly and cannot be appealed, the overall cost of the transaction is likely to be much lower than court-based litigation.

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Contact mediator and arbitrator Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara, Esq. at the office of Resolution Through Mediation today. She can guide you through your employment law or other legal dispute in a confidential and efficient manner.

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Employment law, personal injury, and intellectual property mediator Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara is an attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii. She is also a neutral fact-finder in employment law matters.